Winning Habits of Successful Pro Golfers

Winning Habits of Successful Pro Golfers



The Masters produced another glorious show by Tiger Woods, who collected his fifth green jacket and his first major in eleven years. It was possibly the most popular and best sporting comebacks of all time. But we must remember that Woods has always had a competitive streak, and is one of the all time greats. His desire to always be the best has stood him in good stead.

Here are some key valuable points in achieving winning habits from Pro Golfers. 


The top players make every second count when practicing, so they’re working all areas to maximise the game. The first thing to do in trying to get better at golf is to think about the way you practice, and change your routine. Beating ball after ball at the same target on the driving range doesn’t make you a master at the game. Make practice hard and as much like the golf course as possible.



Great players know the importance of the fundamentals in Golf. A good swing does not always determine how well you grip the club, how far you stand from the ball, how good your posture is, how good your ball position is and how well you align to the target. The fundamentals need to be worked on continuously as it’s easy to get into bad habits, even for Tour players. Alignment is the one that requires the most maintenance, including a consistent tempo which is also “fundamental” to a good swing. 



The top golf players undergo the exact same routine before (and after) every shot, even down to the number of practice swings and views at the target. The routine prepares you as best as possible for the shot, and going through the same sequence before you swing, means there’s no time for negative thoughts which tend to creep in. As you keep focusing on your routine it also distracts you from the importance of the shot you are about to play and thus makes every shot feel similar regardless of the situation.



The good ones know powerful techniques to calm themselves down which prevent their nerves turning into panic and affecting their performance. The top Golfers use the nerves to their advantage. They are very self-aware and know how guide their minds away from negative thoughts and bring positive ones to mind. I recently heard of a player that would try to solve math problems in his head when under pressure. Many use different techniques to overcome pressure which consist of special thoughts, places, looking up at the sky or anything to switch off your brain before a shot.


Tips to take away:

  • It is important to keep in touch with the basics of golf and practice them whenever you get time.
  • Successful golfers always take out time to perfect the base swing techniques and putting which is the first thing you learn when you start playing golf.
  • Mathematics can only get you so far. It’s the innate talent to estimate the trajectory of the golf ball that makes you a distinguished golfer.
  • The key is staying positive and not let failure deter you in any event.




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