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Golf has changed – welcome to the revolution!

We have conceived the first new golf club in 50 years! Discover revolutionary Hybrid putters from FGX Sports. Shop game-changing bespoke putters here.

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Golf has changed

The new range of hybrid putters from FGX break the mould. With our bespoke putters, we haven’t simply rehashed the same old ideas, we have actually reinvented the putter!

Independent data from the University of Central Lancashire biomechanics department shows our bespoke long-shaft putter delivers:

  • More consistent roll due to a controllable stroke and shallower angle of attack
  • In-to-in shallow swing arc leading to a more accurate putting stroke
  • Better vision of the shot with an upright head position
  • Bio-mechanics testing showed 3% increase in putting accuracy within just 1 hour of testing which equates to 1 shot per round
  • Ball “skidding” improved to 3 – 6 inches from the current norm of 18 inches

Who are FGX?

FGX are a team of design innovators driven by performance. FGX was born after years of research resulting in the production of our very first putter. This bespoke hybrid putter was branded as “The greatest development in the last 50 years of golf”.

Our Vision

Our vision is to design the best golf equipment which innovates and assists golfers to improve their game.

Here at FGX, we are dedicated to change. So free your mind of old ideas and embrace the statistics our new concept bespoke putter reveals.

Game-changing bespoke putters!

FGX make revolutionary long shafted hybrid putters



unique hybrid putters

Hybrid X putter is our first FGX product to be showcased to the public. The original and innovative design is unique with a shallower and more natural slight putting arc, plus a more efficient putting stroke.

The combination of our patented long length 39” graphite shaft, and 56 degrees lie command an alternative putting setup position. In this position further from the ball, typically an extra 10-12 inches for the average golfer*, the natural arc of the FGX Hybrid X is naturally lower to the ground’s surface and delivers the face squarer to the target.

Traditional putters are more up right at the angles of 70-72 degrees, as you can see from the Hybrid X we are much less, thus helping you lower your hands into the more natural golfing position. Due to the change in lie angle the putting stroke can now become a more efficient rotation around your body. The rotation will of course help you deliver the (IN TO IN) club path you require, previously the stroke was a tilt of the shoulders, and for most felt somewhat unnatural to the rest of your game. Make the change and never look back!

The difference between the Hybrid X and the average putter in the market means the putting arc is typically closer to the surface*.
Naturally and subconsciously, the added length of the shaft means golfers leverage more arms/shoulders in the stroke than wrists, eliminating the inconsistency of wrist movement and thus delivering the face squarer to target more consistently.

Become an FGX Player

Priced at £249, our unique putter represents excellent value for money and can be delivered to your door within 5 working days. Order yours online today!